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Perth has a sweet tradition of getting this going every year in October at the Film and Television Institute's animator halls. Melbourne shouldn't be any different. Getting together with vile amounts of energy drinks, old pizza and creative types is always fun.

Things that would need to be organised:

-Host/Location site, hopefully with 24+ animator desks and good security.
-Someone to assist with scanning as event carries on.
-Somewhere to showcase the work. Print is expensive. Websites require technical know-how.
-A method of signing up 24+ talented artists with a good spread (not the same old faces or an inaccessible club - it's all about finding new talent from far and wide.)
-Making contact with the overarching international 24hr organiser group to try and get Melbourne work in the international showcase of the event.
-Group pool of cash for pizza money and necessary energy drinks, paper materials and some stationary.
-If it does look like it can be organised, someone to generate media interest (Bam! Pow! Comics Aren't For Kids Anymore!)

I can send out emails during most hours to get this organised but am time poor in terms of visiting places to see if they're suitable and money poor in terms of getting a bond to book a suitable location out for 24 hours.

An animators studio or animators classroom would be the best location but any warm hall with access to a fridge, decent dunny and good security would be great. Time is short though...

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FYI we are scrambling to put together our event in Phnom Penh Cambodia. More news to follow...


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