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Who likes music eh?
Anyone? Anyone at all?


PS: Hey everyone, I'm new here. How are you? :)

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Hello and welcome! Someone needs to make a mix CD, 'Music to Ink To'.

I think cartoonists should get the same adulation as rock musicians. Ever notice how people go 'ooh ah' when a muso walks into a party?

So I started my own soundtrack compilation (Music from and Inspired by QuickDraw). I'm adding to it bit by bit.

Another curious thing - most comickers I know moonlight as musicians, but less musicians moonlight as cartoonists. I suspect money plays a part.

- J
MUSIC! Yes, Adam Schmitt! The first CD I got was "World So Bright" - Excellent, one of my favs. Cost me a dollar at an outlet store. Next I got "Illiterature", a friend bought it for me, pretty good, but not as good as WSB. THEN - bought right from Parasol, I got "Demolition", a SWEET collection of demos he'd cut but never released. VERY good. Some killer tunes on there. I keep waiting for more...
i love music
and i love coldplay especialy the new
album viva la vida
do you like coldlpay??
Coldplay is nice, but if you like them you might like the band Travis. They are one of my favorites. -CBC
On Comics Lifestyle's MySpace Outpost
we occasionally get 'friend requests' from bands.
I think I'll throw them up here and let the crowd determine if they're any good.

Today's virtual pal is Italian Techno group 'Silicon Dust'

Press 'play' or 'nay'?
I guess that was a resounding 'nay'. I'll post new groups as they pop up.

Meanwhile new member Mauro Padovani is uploading some Bryan Adams. This is the closest I get to it in Cambodia, where I live:

While sharing songs is welcome, I think it would be prudent to follow the rules of music blogs: copyrighted songs are uploaded for listening/preview purposes only, and we may delete some of the older ones to save bandwidth in the future. Sound OK?

I'm listening to the new Beck album and some Khmer/Chinese electronica, 'Red Hot Wok' - Phnom Penh Pimps.


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