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Australian Women In Comics (via Oh My! Comics)


(via / ‘Women in Australian Comics’ FB Group: A collection of practical ideas for people who want to support women in Australian comics (please add more ideas in the comments):

Sarah's suggestion: go and reblog an image from a female comic creator right now and tell people why you like her work. 
- read a woman’s work. Even better, review it on your blog or Facebook page: let your friends know if you enjoyed it. If you didn’t, try another! 
- Seek out the work of a woman in comics you’ve never heard of before. If you like it, share it around. Here’s a useful place to start: 
- Buy a comic that prominently features the work of a female creator. Eg. the second issue of Oi Oi Oi features only Australian women’s work. 
- if you’re compiling a collection or anthology, make sure you let women comickers know how to get involved. Seek us out and ask if we’d like to contribute: let us know we’re welcome. (Although remember to be polite and not hound us if we say ‘no’.)
- recognise that many female creators make work that is largely unrelated to mainstream western comics in both theme and style. Try to embrace that difference where you find it. 
- invite us to comics events you hold or attend.
- talk to us, ask questions about our work. Invite us to speak on your panels and shows. Ask us about our ‘struggles as female creators’, but try to ask us about our work more often: that’s usually a more fresh and interesting topic. 
- listen to us when we speak. Men are welcome to attend Ladies’ drawing auxiliary speech nights at Squishface, where women talk about their work.
- listen to the Sci-fi and Squeam podcast which often features women in comics. 
- ps. Whether you are a man, a woman, or a comics-enthusiast unicorn, THANK YOU very much for caring enough to want to help. 

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Bambang Toko: "The Real Pig" [Indonesia]

Bambang Toko is a relentless producer of comics and graphic art. 

Here is a 3 page comic from him: 




If you are in Singapore, check out his Exhibition this coming weekend!

Comic (C) Bambang Toko, used with permisson.

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120 portraits on kites for polyglot project...

120 portraits on kites for polyglot project ‘drawbridge’ in Nov.2014. Started with small pics of the students, then painted onto tyvec kite templates hung on bamboo poles through the two neighbouring areas in Duri, Sumatra. 

made some new pieces on a sunday in Sumatra recently

made some new pieces on a sunday in Sumatra recently

Comics Lifestyle Updates

squishfacestudio: Last words for the year! Here’s a few more...

Coupla Teza-related coasters in the crop this year


Last words for the year!

Here’s a few more photos from our last two events: the third annual Squishface Coaster Show and the launch of Tim Molloy’s new book, Mr Unpronounceable and the Sect of the Bleeding Eye.

Thanks to our sponsors on Coaster Day, Teza, who supplied us with so much iced tea we carried it over into Tim’s launch as well (appropriate, as Tim is also from New Zealand and also smells like passionflower).

I’m very pleased to say that everybody thought the stuff actually tasted delicious, even David, who’s not an “tea” guy but is feijoa mad. People even went mad for the bottles, which can now be found in several local homes serving as tomato sauce and spice containers.

Most of the judges’ favourites are in, but we’re waiting on the final picks so we can figure out who our ULTIMATE WARRIOR SUPERPRIZEWINNERS are! I can say there’s a lot of variation in the picks. Previous years have yielded clear favourites, but there’s a lot of goodies this year. Look for us to announce winners early in the new year.

Squishface is hereby closed for 2014! Yeah, some of us will still be in the studio poking around, but officially we’re shutting until next year. We want to thank you for coming to our events this year, bringing the kids to Sarah and Ben’s classes and for generally dropping by when you felt like it — because that’s what we’re about!

Special hellos to those of you who finally walked in the door after enjoying Squishzine Brunstown. You have no idea how many people say, “I’ve been walking past and checking out the window but never stopped in”. It’s been great meeting you! And we’ve really appreciated the great feedback on the book. Hopefully we can do another one day.

Drawing night returns Wednesday January 7. Be there.

Squishface’s 3rd birthday party will, as usual, be on January 26, and we hope to have some small surprises for attendees…

See you next year!

awcomix: Finished ‘Beer, Eats’ piece. 


Finished ‘Beer, Eats’ piece. 

"Your Face Is In My Comic Book" Exhibition [Singapore / Indonesia]

"Your Face Is In My Comic Book" Exhibition [Singapore / Indonesia]:


Renowned Indonesian komikus Bambang Toko has an exhibition on the way launching October 31st:



image image


Bambang ‘Toko’ Witjaksono, Your Face Is In My Comic Book, 2014, Batik…

benhutchings: The 8 Adventures of Jesus from You Stink & I...


The 8 Adventures of Jesus from You Stink & I Don’t vol 2.

Comics Lifestyle Monster Blog Feed

Bat Lady

This art debuts here tonight, and is for sale in my etsy shop...


I am selling art this week to help pay my October bills...


Lots of new original art and achival digital prints are available from my etsy shop....

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